Benefits of whey protein concentrate and isolate

Published: 03rd September 2009
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Whey protein has long been recognised as a important aid to muscle growth and definition as part of a weight training regime.

Whey protein acts by getting to muscles quick after training to aid the rebuild of muscle fibres. As muscle fibres expend and tear during weight training they have to receive protein to aid and enable the rebuilding and expansion process. Whey protein enables these muscle fibres to grow back thick and stronger.

If there is an inadequate supply of protein this can work to the detriment of any muscle building program. This is because the bidy burns protein during and after exercise and if an adequate supply of protein isn't taken in the body then goes into it's own reserves which can cause a reduction in muscle mass. Even a lack of protein in an "normal" diet can lead to deficiencies in the body's immune system. Protein is present in many food types such as meat, fish egg and nuts and these food types can also be taken to increase the body's supply of protein during weight training.

As the body also struggle to store protein it is therefore important that an adequate quantity of protein, preferably high quality protein is consumed. Whey protein concentrate and isolate is designed to further aid protein supplementation and storage. Whey protein concentrate and isolate has taken protein supplementation onto a whole new level. Whey protein isolate has protein levels of between 90-95% and the highest biological value of all comparable protein sources. The blood sugar regulating carbs from whey protein prevent protein from being burned for energy.

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